“Treat Yo Vegan Self”

One of the smallest and most underappreciated business districts, Larchmere Blvd. has a new bakery. The best part? It’s vegan! Poison Berry Bakery was established in 2010 but now, they have their very own store front. Created and operated by Jennn and Jon Regan, the business has a goal of showing the community that vegan treats are delicious. In my opinion, they’re successfully reaching that goal.


The bakery offers a wide variety of treats that include muffins, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, breads and a decently sized coffee/drink menu. I have visited twice and both times I was very satisfied. I got coffee and a chocolate chip cookie and I have to say it was one the best cookies I’ve had.


One of the best parts, though was the friendly and passionate employees. Everyone I talked to seemed to be excited and enthusiastic about helping the business flourish. I highly recommend stopping in and chatting with the staff, grabbing some coffee and of course a chocolate chip cookie!

Look for them on social media and find their hours on their website at poisonberrybakery.com!



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