Bedford Reservation

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“Treat Yo Vegan Self”

One of the smallest and most underappreciated business districts, Larchmere Blvd. has a new bakery. The best part? It’s vegan! Poison Berry Bakery was established in 2010 but now, they have their very own store front. Created and operated by Jennn and Jon Regan, the business has a goal of showing the community that vegan treats are delicious. In my opinion, they’re successfully reaching that goal.


The bakery offers a wide variety of treats that include muffins, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, breads and a decently sized coffee/drink menu. I have visited twice and both times I was very satisfied. I got coffee and a chocolate chip cookie and I have to say it was one the best cookies I’ve had.


One of the best parts, though was the friendly and passionate employees. Everyone I talked to seemed to be excited and enthusiastic about helping the business flourish. I highly recommend stopping in and chatting with the staff, grabbing some coffee and of course a chocolate chip cookie!

Look for them on social media and find their hours on their website at!



Five months ago I woke up and was too stressed and tired to put makeup on. I remember spending that day hearing annoying questions like “are you feeling okay?” or “oh, are you tired?”.  It bothered me because I realized that my friends never saw me without makeup. I looked in the mirror and realized that I hardly saw myself without makeup. I would stare at my bare face after taking makeup off at night and be disappointed with what I saw. That day brought my attention to the reliance I had on makeup to be happy and find self-love. Since then, the only makeup that has touched my skin is lipstick.


I was raised in a super strict home that believed makeup and jewelry were not acceptable. I remember the look on my grandparent’s faces when I came traipsing home with a nose-ring, pierced ears and a face covered in makeup. I wanted to push against what I was told I shouldn’t do to my body and I lost sight of what I actually wanted for my body. Time went on and it became a habit. Now, I realize that I prefer my face bare. I prefer to be natural because makeup is not a form of expression for me. Those extra 20 minutes I used to use for makeup I now spend laying in bed reading or just staring at my cat, who definitely appreciates the extra attention.

I am not against makeup, I think its an art form and I commend those that have the talent and patience to be so creative with it. I see makeup as a form of expression and not as a way to cover what others deem as an “imperfection” or “abnormality”. If you enjoy putting on makeup, that’s great! Go for it! While you’re doing your thing, I’ll be over here admiring your artwork and appreciating the uniquely beautiful face I was born with.



Oh, the Places I’ll Go

At a Dr. Seuss themed event, based off the book Oh, the Places You’ll Go, I was asked “where would you like to go in the future?” Without hesitation, I said “everywhere” and that has become my ultimate goal.

One of my favorite things to look for, wherever I go, is a new coffee shop. To me, they can be the center of a community and the comforting smell of espresso gives me a sense of familiarity. Luckily, I also have amazing coffee shops at my fingertips right here in Cleveland. IMG_5993

Presti’s in Cleveland’s Little Italy has a family oriented feel, which makes strangers and locals alike feel welcomed. One of my favorite memories is warming up after a cold winter night of ice skating with friends. You walk into the warm atmosphere and you’re immediately overwhelmed with the smell of fresh pastries and coffee.

I highly recommend stopping by, if you’re in Cleveland’s Little Italy because it’s a staple for the neighborhood.


Hey, I Did It

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted my blog to be for quite a while. Photography? Cleveland based? Coffee shops I find? I even considered an entire blog dedicated to my cat. Granted, I don’t think that would give me a great portfolio for a future career but I may go back to that idea. I mean, people make money off their pets modeling, right? I digress…

In the end, I knew I needed to give myself a stern lecture, stop my “planning” for the blog and “just do it” (thank you, Shia LeBeouf and Nike). So, here it is, the most organized chaos you’ll find. This blog isn’t about one thing because I’m not about one thing. There are so many parts that piece me together that I couldn’t decide on just one part to focus on.

My hopes for this blog are endless but the effort will be worth it, if I can be of some inspiration or encouragement to just one person. I hope you get half as much enjoyment out of reading this blog as I will making it.